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Denver optic company ARO quality manufacturer of optical components


Optical Lens.
Optical Lens.

Component flatness

Plane plates are used to measure the flatness of optical surfaces or specific optical component flatness to provide accuracy for a wide range of quality control applications. Plane plates are optical surfaces that are polished to an extremely precise level of flatness and are used as reference plates. Plane-parallel plates are positioned on the surfaces to be tested at a specific angle, while the laser beam is directed between them so that interference fringes can be measured to determine levels of flatness.

Denver optic company

Optical lenses are optical components designed for focusing and diverging light. Optical lenses, which can consist of one or more elements, are used in a variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries use optical lenses, including life sciences, images, industry, or defense. When light passes through the lens, it is affected by the profile of the lens or substrate. Alpine research optics is a big Denver optic company and offers a wide range of optical lenses in various versions of substrates or coatings. Substrates include optical glasses, fused quartz, plastic, and IR material. Shapes include spherical singlet, doublet, triplet, (half) balls, domes, in addition to cylindrical or aspheric lenses.

ARO optical corp

ARO corp has long occupied one of the leading positions both among manufacturers of optical components and optical crystals for the visible and IR spectral range. The company manufactures both standard products from the catalog and custom-made optical components for a wide range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 μm, from various optical crystals and glasses, with and without coatings, for laser, medical, aviation, and special equipment. These are infrared optics, optics of the visible and ultraviolet range: windows, plates, optical fairings (caps), light filters, lenses, prisms, wedges, mirrors, laser optics made of various optical materials, including crystals grown on their growth attitudes.

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