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Houston Immigration Attorney Hector Herrera


Immigration Attorney.
Immigration Attorney.

As an immigration attorney Houston, TX we help people with any immigration legal questions and cases they have. When you are interested in becoming a citizen navigating the courts and needed papers could possibly get rather overwhelming. This specific process could be a bit terrifying at times without a legal professional, you don't know all your rights and the immigration officers know that.

How to Apply for U.S. Citizenship

One of the requirements to gain citizenship through naturalization is to live in the United Says for three to five years and be a permanent resident during those years. You will certainly need to speak the English language and reade and write on it. If you don’t know English there is the time to learn while you live and work in the United States. And, you want to be of great moral character. This means that you cannot have a large amount of past experiences with the police and jail. You should have a clean record and manage to show that you are here with a good reason.

us citizenship, green card and family immigration

Once you have obtained your green credit card and have lived in America for 3 to 5 years you may then apply to be a citizen to the USCIS. This will be a lengthy process of which will involve them inquiring quite a few concerns. Within this questioning, you could have an attorney existing and we highly suggest that. The process will begin by you completing a new N-400 and submit to be able to USCIS. From there they may schedule you for a job interview for questioning as nicely as give you a language and Civics test. Legally, you can have a great attorney present threw this particular entire process.

Green Card for Immigrant’s Parents

Houston Immigration lawyers are there to help you with the immigration process. The process could be a bit challenging on your own and can be difficult to understand. If you are looking for a green credit card for the parents, this could be a bit challenging. You must be twenty-one years of age and can end up being a bit more intricate than getting your own citizenship. The process varies with each situation and will be dependant on your family's circumstances. A family immigration lawyer Houston can help an individual navigate this complex procedure and help you load out the proper papers and documentation as required. Don't make the mistake of trying to do that one on your own. As there are lots of steps and proceedings that must be done accurately in order for your parents to have a chance at a new permanent resident card.

Herrera Law Firm in Houston, Texas

In case your case is complicated you will want the best immigration attorney in Houston, TX to take a new look at it. This can be a process that you do not want to end up being messed up in some way due to ignorance. Don't go with just any kind of attorney but go together with the best immigration legal professional in Houston, Texas.

An individual can obtain a green card by marriage. However, there are certain quotas on this and this particular doesn't imply that it will be automatic. Because of this particular quota, there are restricted spots available to get a green card and that can take several years to be able to obtain one. Which means that an individual should consult an immigration attorney to know and understand your options.

Be sure to find the Top Immigration Attorney in Houston and know what to expect. Your immigration attorney must have great reviews and be able to be able to enable you to understand the procedure.

Can a green card family member sponsor the rest of the family? Yes, they can sponsor the rest of their particular family members including their spouse and unmarried children. However, it will end up being many years before they might be able to your country this way. This specific area has quotas as well and is limited to how many the USA will accept annually. This area of the law and citizenship could be very tricky to be able to navigate but the leading immigration attorneys in Houston will help.

us visa application and processing

Apply for a U.S. Visa

Herrera Law Firm can help an individual with H-1B and other employment visas to process to the permanent residence status. If you are already with an H-1B, to get a green card can be extremely difficult on you and your current employer. The green card process is a long procedure and it is really important that you simply remain in good standing with your H-1B while going through this method. You can ask an extensions from your H-1B employer to be able to remain in good standing with USCIS. Typically the time to obtain a green card from an H-1B is two to 3 months. However, there are always exclusions.

There are other programs and processes that your current immigration lawyer Houston could help with. Things like having your I-140 filed properly. Yet, this procedure takes an average of six months to process and sometimes you don't need that kind of time. It has an expedited process that comes together with top dollar tag but may possibly be worth it. This specific is a process of which can quicken things and full review of your current I-140 in 1-2 weeks.

K-1 Visa is a new temporary visas that will be issued to allow an individual to fly your fiance for the marriage. That comes with restrictions and is also usually good for ninety days stay.

Are you entering the United States as a new result of enrollment as a student, employer or through marriage to a US citizen? If an individual is entering the country and need assistance on becoming a citizen, getting a new work visa, or needing any assistance on making sure your time here is legal, you will need the assistance of a good immigration lawyer. At Herrera Law firm our abogados de inmigracion en houston also speak Spanish!

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